Ride to Conquer Cancer

by | Jun 23, 2012 | Blog, Events

Riding for a cause helps you stay motivated to train and will boost your spirits when things get tough.
Jackie, Tamsin and Carolyn were still smiling after 240km! These three girls have many reasons to still be smiling after riding for two full days in torrential rain in the Ride to Conquer Cancer on June 16 and 17th. They were a part of something big on some many different levels.
On a pure physical level, each of them dedicated three months to train their bodies to be able to handle 120km on back to back days.  Not only did they enjoy the ride, but they were exhilarated by the feeling of strength they had during the ride and being able to ride with faster groups.
Socially, they met a ton of new people who will touch their lives in many different ways and created a greater bond of friendship between the three of them.
Personally, they can all feel proud of themselves for making a huge difference in someone else’s life that they may never meet.  Cancer affects all of us, whether it is someone we know who has been diagnosed or ourselves – finding new ways to conquer the disease is always a cause that is worth supporting.
Training for a cause greater than your own is a huge motivator.  It becomes pretty tough to skip out on a ride when you know someone else can’t skip out on Chemotherapy.  Those of us who are healthy, have a great opportunity to help people who are less fortunate and I congratulate everyone who takes this challenge seriously.  You are our heros!

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