Facundo Chernikoff

Kits Energy Coach Facundo

Facundo Chernikoff

I believe that with the proper training, nutrition, sleep, state of mind and injury prevention there are no limits to what anyone can achieve.

As a Mechanical Engineer, understanding aerodynamics, energy, power, strength and moving systems became my specialty. The human body is no different than any other system, it is simply more complex.

My athletic career started with competitive swimming. I didn’t pick up cycling until 2006 when I raced my first sprint distance triathlon. I was hooked and wanted more. I learned from swimming, that if I wanted to succeed in this new sport, I would need to change my training habits. My weekly training hours dramatically increased from a mere 6 to 24 hours, and that was on top of working a full time job. The training paid off and I went from completing my first sprint triathlon to being a carded athlete.

I represented Canada in the 2009 and 2010 International Triathlon Union Pan American Cups as well as the 2010 World Master Games in Sydney.

Hard work, consistency, attention to detail and strong technical skills set the foundation for my training program and they are the same standards that I coach by.

Besides working full time with the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and part time with Kits Energy, I also have an online bike coaching business called Peak Power Coaching. peakpowercoaching.com, training cyclists with Power Meters.


  • NCCP cycling coach
  • Advanced First Aid and CPR