Gregg Ambrosi

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Gregg Ambrosi

I was never what I’d call a sporty kid, maybe geek described me better. I didn’t think that I enjoyed sports or was all that good at them. Well, all that changed with a little encouragement and some good coaching.

In the early 90s, a friend suggested I come out for a ‘bike ride’ with some of his friends. I was shattered after 15k and was hooked at the same time. I spent several years learning the do’s and don’ts of cycling from some experienced riders and a great coach. I finally understood that a lot of what I thought ‘just came naturally’ could also be learned (and taught!).

To help battle the winter blues in Saskatchewan where riding wasn’t all that pleasant, I started swimming and doing some running at the indoor track. I soon added some duathlons and triathlons to my schedule and was hooked on sport a second time. 25 years later I’m still at it with fitness an essential part of my daily life.

Cycling will always be my passion: the mechanics of the bike itself; the escape from the daily grind, the wind blowing in my face, the excitement of a new destination and the satisfaction of doing it all ‘self-propelled’.

I was very fortunate in those early years with some experienced riders and a great coach teaching me how to enjoy myself, push my physical limits, and be safe and courteous while riding.

I suppose all of this is why I love helping people achieve their fitness goals. And as a coach that means lots of things to me: encouraging people to strive for more than they thought possible, teaching them techniques and drills to hone their skills, providing structure to their fitness, and being supportive and understanding of their non-sport lives.

We are all capable of amazing things; sometimes we just need some guidance getting there; that’s me; that’s what I do.


  • NCCP cycling coach
  • NCCP triathlon coach