Rose Cifelli



I have always had a love for sport. At 10 years old I was already swimming competitively, reaching National level by the age of 15. Since then, leading an active lifestyle was in my blood.

My passion and love for cycling came out of training for Ironman Canada (twice) and watching the Tour de France. Watching the tour led me to my next goal which was to one day travel to France and watch the Tour. I did one better and spent a full week following the Tour, riding the same routes in the Pyrenees.

I believe that the best training program is one that engages you with variety and ultimately ensures that you will improve. Now for the last five years my husband and I continue to travel to Europe every year. So far we have ridden the Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites, Picos and the Tuscan hills. These riding vacations are the events that keep me motivated to train and inspire me to want to continue to improve.

After 15 years working in the finance industry I decided to ride on a new path, as a Cycling Coach. I wanted to share my love for fitness and riding with like minded people. I believe that cycling is one of the most amazing sports where riders have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, see the sights, experience the thrill of riding and improve their fitness all through one single activity. If you can roll that into a vacation as well, what better way to stay fit and healthy – even as we age!

Rose Cifelli


  • NCCP cycling coach
  • First Aid and CPR