The Intermediate cycling group is for returning Kits Energy riders and new riders with at least a few years of group riding experience.

For 2018, you can register for any of the 4 Intermediate groups depending on your speed. Please note that once the season begins, if you feel that you have chosen the wrong group please contact your Coach or Kristina and they will move you to a more appropriate group. This change happens only once as you can not move between the groups throughout the season.

Intermediate #1 on Tuesday

Coach Kristina

This group will be the slowest of the Intermediate groups but is NOT a beginner program.  These will be focused workouts, building on technique, strength and speed. If you are still a bit nervous around other riders, this is a good group for you as you are not required to ride in close proximity to each other.

Intermediate #2 on Wednesday

Coach Elaine

This is a slightly faster group than the Int #1. Everyone in this group must be comfortable riding in a pace line and in close proximity to one another.

Intermediate #3 on Thursday

Coach Gregg

This group has been pretty tight for seven years now. If you are new to the club, it is probably already sold out. If you were in this group before, you are more than welcome to stay here. If you found this group to be a bit too fast, you are welcome to move to the Intermediate #2 group. If you want the same speed but looking to change it up a bit – you can move to the Intermediate #4 group.

Intermediate #4 on Thursday

Coach Rose

Although Rose is still coaching on the same day, this is a new group for 2018. Ideally, the #3 and #4 groups should be riding at the same speed. All riders in this group must also be comfortable riding in close proximity to each other at fast speeds.

What do you get for your registration?

  • 22 coached workouts from a highly qualified NCCP certified cycling Coach
  • 5 month training program which will prepare you for both a mid and late season event
  • weekly newsletters full of training tips and cycling knowledge
  • opportunity to purchase an exclusive Kits Energy Cycling kit
  • free Kits Energy cycling socks from CODE
  • free water bottle from Speed Theory
  • club discounts at Speed Theory Vancouver
  • social events including a Kick Off and Season End event

Each participant is expected to follow a training program with the intention of completing at least one cycling event during the season.

Where do we meet for our sessions?

Every session will have a different starting location, all in the Kitsilano or UBC area. You will receive the exact location for each workout at the beginning of each month and will receive a weekly email as a reminder.

How long are the sessions?

Each session starts promptly at 6:30pm and will finish between 7:30 and 7:45pm.

Do we ride in the rain?

Due to the fact that we live in a rainforest we may modify the workout for safety reasons but club rides are never cancelled unless there is thunder and lightening.


Sign up and reserve your spot today.