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Feb Calendar

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February Training PROGRAM


As we enter our second month of the year, the pressure to “start the new you” has been released and we can all breath a sigh of relief and settle into a routine. But before we know it – the next 10 months will fly by, and in a blink of an eye, we will find ourselves at the end of another year.

So, imagine that it is Dec 31st, 2024. Where would you like to be? What would you like to have accomplished? What steps could you be doing today to get you there? The habits that we create today are what bring us towards the dreams we have for our future. 

For this month, I am going to do a short reading before each mediation, without any explanation or interpretation from me. Then for the next 10mins we will sit quietly in contemplation of that theme – or you can do your own breathing exercise before the class begins at 5pm.




February Live Classes

See your own self worth

Jan 29  5:30PM

Lower Body workout

1/2 roller, loop band, wgts, chair
be happy in the moment

Jan 31  4:50pm

15min Meditation, 30min Mobility

foam roller
Never stop cringing

Feb 5  5:30pm

Full Body

chair, weights, full foam roller
let people be wrong about you

Feb 7  4:50pm

10min Meditation 30 min mobility




Have confidence in yourself

Feb 12  5:3opm

Balance and rehab work

loop band, block, wgts, foam roller, all bands
Fill your own cup

Feb 14  4:50pm

10min meditation  30min mobility



Nobody's thinking about you

Feb 19  5:30pm

Upper body

wgts, bands, loop band



You are not a victim

Feb 21  4:45pm

10min meditation  30min mobility

block, towel

Starter Pack


If you are new to training, or returning after some time off, this is a good place to start.

In each of these classes, I spend more time explaining the exercises and which muscles you need to be focusing on.  Don’t be fooled by the name, they are all tough workouts.

With every workout, you will be getting stronger, but if you are always doing something new, it is difficult to track how much your have improved. Challenge yourself to come back to the hardest workouts every month so you can mark your progress.

Linking breath with core

20 mins

Importance of Breath

17 mins

Balance & shoulder Mobility

60 mins


30 mins

Back & Chest

30 mins


35 mins

Cardio Intervals

34 mins

Big Muscle Groups

35 mins

REhab or prevention and breath work

Shoulder stabilzation and core rotation

Use Breathe to Improve Strength & Power

Advanced Shoulder Pre/rehab


Prevent low back pain

Full Body 

Core, Glutes, then Balance

60 mins

HIIT with an ab focus

60 mins

a little bit of everything

60 mins

Full Body no cardio

60 mins

Lower Body

squat to a chair

60 mins

Legs & Abs

60 mins

Legs, cardio, abs

60 mins

Legs – less cardio

60 mins

Upper Body

Shoulders & a long stretch

60 mins

Back workout

60 mins

Upper Body – abs thrown in for fun

60 mins

Upper Body w bands or weights

60 mins

Mobility Classes

Shoulder Stretch

30 mins

All about the Spine

30min/10min breathing

Deep Stretch to release low back

45 mins

IT Band focus

30 mins

Turn the nervous system down

30 mins

Full body 60mins

15 mins meditation, 45min full body mobility

Hams & Shoulders

45 mins

stay low to the floor

30 mins

additional ab workouts 

Workout #1


workout #2



workout #3


workout #4


workout #5


workout #6