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Nov Calendar 2022

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NOvember Training PROGRAM


The focus for October and November this year is “rehab” and strengthening weak areas. For this group the most common issues are shoulders and wrist mobility and strength. So let’s see if we can change that 🙂

It is normal and healthy to lose some cardiovascular fitness throughout the winter. However, if you would like to maintain some of your endurance muscles, I suggest training a minimum of 75-90mins one day a week, in your preferred endurance sport.

If you are a hiker, move to snow shoeing, if you are swimmer or cyclist, bring it inside, but don’t stop completely.







November Live Classes

Kristina hamstring stretch

Nov 30 5pm

30min mobility

block, pillow or roller
Not buried but planted

Abs & Cardio

small step stool, towel


Accept difficulty as part of life

45min mobility

1/2 roller, BLOCK
Believe in yourself

Balance Work

1/2 roller, block, loop band, light weight




30 min mobility

full roller, block
Excellence is a habit

shoulders/full body

block, weights


I'm just a girl

Shoulder mobility

foam roller, towel


Try something new

Nov 28   5:30PM

Back & Shoulders

weights & bands

Starter Pack


If you are new to training, or returning after some time off, this is a good place to start.

In each of these classes, I spend more time explaining the exercises and which muscles you need to be focusing on.  Don’t be fooled by the name, they are all tough workouts.

With every workout, you will be getting stronger, but if you are always doing something new, it is difficult to track how much your have improved. Challenge yourself to come back to the hardest workouts every month so you can mark your progress.

Linking breath with core

20 mins

Importance of Breath

17 mins

Balance & shoulder Mobility

60 mins


30 mins

Back & Chest

30 mins


35 mins

Cardio Intervals

34 mins

Big Muscle Groups

35 mins

rehab, prevention, and breath work

Shoulder stabilization workout


5 in 5 out

4 calming breathing exercises

Prevent low back pain



Full Body

Abs, Glutes, then Balance

60 mins

Full body with a chair

60 mins

Full Body (++ shoulders)

60 mins

Shoulders and HIIT

60 mins

Lower Body

squat to a chair

60 mins

Legs & Abs

60 mins

Legs Endurance – OUCH!

60 mins

Legs Endurance & summer abs #1

60 mins

Upper Body

Shoulders & Obliques

60 mins

Shoulder ROM and strength

60 mins

Shoulders & Cardio

60 mins

Upper Body & tiny bit of abs

60 mins

Mobility Classes

Strength thru Mobility

60 mins

All about the Spine

30min/10min breathing

Deep Stretch to release low back

45 mins

IT Band focus

30 mins

full body (&ankles)

45 mins

Glutes, Glutes

30 mins

Hams & Shoulders

45 mins

stay low to the floor

30 mins

Tough ab workouts

Workout #1


workout #2



workout #3


workout #4


workout #5


workout #6