Online Training is the perfect solution if you want to train for an endurance event but can’t commit to the club workouts or you need an individual training program to help you achieve a specific set of goals.

Your Coach will design workouts around your schedule, helping you reach your personal goals. You will also have direct access to your coach, providing you with the knowledge and motivation that you will need along the way.

How does it work?

The process starts with an in-person meeting so you can get to know your Coach and decide if the relationship is going to work for both of you. Your coach will review your training goals, your answers from the Training Questionnaire and your weekly training hours. Together, you will set realistic but challenging short and long term goals based on your previous performances, injuries and experience.

After your first meeting you will complete a series of fitness tests to determine a baseline of your fitness and to set your training zones. From the results of these tests your goals will be re-evaluated as to whether or not they are realistic within your time frame. Using all of this information, your Coach will design a personalized training program and your training begins.