The best way to get faster on the bike, is to ride the bike. But you can’t build speed and power without a solid foundation. The best time to start this process is right now, before you get injured. Exercises focused on your core, back and legs will help build the stability that will not only make you more comfortable on the bike but will also make you stronger and faster.

Once you have set your foundation, your off season should include at least 2 days of strength training. This increased strength will result in more power on the bike in the spring.

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If Personal Training is not in your budget or you would like a more social setting, Kits Energy offers Group Training. In small groups of 6 to 13 people, your trainer will design a progressive training program that will meet the needs of the group.

Dates and times of the group training sessions vary throughout the season. If you are interested in learning more about Group Training or when the next class will begin, please contact Kristina.

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