Jaya Muzumdar

Jaya Muzumdar

The year 2012 was a very special year. My son Neil was getting married so there were lots of parties, invitations for dinners, etc. However at the end of the four months I found myself weighing 162 pounds and not being able to fit into most of my clothing! Ouch, that hurt. I went for my annual physical and there was more bad news!

My doctor warned me that I was up for diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and heart disease over the next ten years if I did not lose the excess weight “NOW”!! He advised me to get a personal trainer and also told me how to find one. At that point I had only heard about personal trainers but had no experience with them nor had I ever entered a gym in my life!

As my doctor had advised me, I came home and googled ‘Personal Trainer Vancouver’. Up came a list of names, the first one was “Get fit with Kris”. I picked up the phone and a week later was at the gym having my first consultation with her. The following week I was training once a week. The week after that, I had lost 3 kgs and decided to stay working with Kristina and increased my sessions to 3 times a week.

Three months later, I had lost 10 kgs. My doctor had given me six months to get rid of the weight and asked me to come back for blood tests. And guess what??  All my readings had come back down to normal. Blood sugar/pressure was now normal. HDL levels had risen because of the cardio exercises and LDL/Triglycerides levels had lowered. My ECG was absolutely normal. My doctor was amazed at what I had achieved in just about 4 months of training with Kristina!!

I know for a fact that I could not have achieved this without Kristina! Thank you so much, Kris for helping me achieve my health goals. Fitting into all my clothes, getting fit and strong, having more energy are some of the other side benefits of this training. Another benefit is that now I not only have a personal trainer who looks after my health/weight goals but also have a friend whom I can talk and share things with. I look forward to a long term relationship of friendship and training with Kris.

3 Generations Cycling the Galloping Goose Trail

3 Generations Cycling the Galloping Goose Trail

June 2018

My son Tim organized this multi-generational bike trip to celebrate my big birthday this year! Ranging in ages from 18 months to 70 years, we all rode the Galloping Goose on Vancouver Island together and had a brilliant time.

In past years, I could never have envisaged biking with my grandchildren, children, daughter-in-law, husband and friends – all surely made possible by joining Kristina’s awesome bike-training group five years ago where I conquered (some of) my fear of riding and gained some useful skills as well.

Thank you, Kristina! This was a very special day for me and my gang!

Phyllis Simon