what to wear for spring riding

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What to wear for spring riding

Riding in Vancouver, we plan for the worst and hope for the best.

The most difficult part of spring riding is dressing appropriately. Every day it’s a bit of a gamble. Will you wear too much and have to carry it? Or will you not bring enough and feel chilled all the way to Steveston? Even when you do dress well and appropriately for the weather, it can change quickly, even within one ride.

If you are new to riding or new to riding in Vancouver, please take a moment to watch this short 4 minute video, outlining the clothing and layering you need to stay warm. In this scenario, the temperature is 6 degrees celsius or warmer, and as usual, we expect it to be wet. 

With the exception of a waterproof jacket, the Kits Energy store has all of the items you need to stay warm this spring. Please watch your inbox as the store will open the first week of April, with discounts from April 3rd to April 15th. Kits Energy clothing can only be ordered online.

Base Layer

  • long dry-fit or merino wool socks 
  • dry-fit undershirt – tank top, tee shirt, or long sleeve
  • padded cycling shorts or padded long bib pants

Second Layer

  • long tights over padded shorts if not wearing padded long pants
  • short sleeve or long sleeve jersey or dry-fit shirt

Outer Layer

  • waterproof rain jacket (if not raining, carry it with you)
  • long finger light gloves
  • small beanie or headband to keep your ears warm
  • helmet
  • glasses with clear or light coloured lenses (or dark if sunny)
  • Gortex booties over shoes 

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