Ruby Mawira

I first started working out with Kristina in 2009 when I was 53. I knew that if I wanted to remain physically active for the rest of my life and minimize injuries, I needed to develop better physical conditioning. Tennis was my main sport, a sport that is very hard on your joints.

I found Kristina to be a very knowledgeable and focused trainer. During her sessions with you, you can expect her to be 100% attentive to what you are doing and how you are doing it. She also listens very well and helps you overcome any issues you may have with any particular exercise. Her programs are tailor made for you and will develop as your skills and conditioning develops. And she is also great fun to work out with.

Sadly, my husband and I left Vancouver in 2015. We now live on the east coast. I was very sad not to have Kristina as my personal coach any longer. But earlier this year, with the Covid lockdown, I learnt that Kristina was going to start training on Zoom. I immediately signed up for a weekly group class and a weekly personal training session. Recently, I also signed up with her weekly half hour stretch and mobility class.

This could not have come at a better time. I had been having issues with my hips. I felt I had lost quite a bit of mobility and strength, most likely from primarily exercising on my stationary bike and not enough functional strength training. But now, most of my strength and mobility have come back, thanks to Kristina.

Once we had started our workout sessions, we both said: “Why had we not thought of this on-line training option before?” I love our Zoom sessions. I have some basic things – a mat, some bands, a handful of free weights, and, of course, my own body weight! Kristina is very creative in creating an effective workout session with what you have.

With zoom, I can work out with Kristina in the convenience of my own home. We were even able to continue our personal sessions when Kristina was traveling through BC! I also enjoy being part of the group class since you do feel and feed off the energy of the other participants.

I feel very lucky that I have Kristina back as my trainer. Once the Covid lock down is completely over and we can safely go to the gym again, I hope Kristina will maintain some time for zoom clients. I may be on the east coast, but my favourite trainer is on the west coast!