personal bike coachiing


The Kits Energy Coaches are trained and certified by the NCCP, but they are also athletes who want to share their passion for cycling with you.

Whether you are looking to get comfortable on the road, or learn how to ride in a group, your coach will assess your riding skills and meet you where you are at. Chose a date and time that’s convenient for you and learn at your own pace.

New Rider skills


For new riders, the most frightening aspect of cycling is learning how to ride confidently with clip-in pedals. Kits Energy has perfected a system which almost guarantees that every new rider will have overcome their fear within one session.

Other skills that a new rider will need to learn to be safe on the road are:

  1. gearing
  2. braking safely
  3. descending
  4. climbing and standing
  5. hand signals
  6. basic bike handling skills
girls cornering

Intermediate rider skills


Once you feel comfortable on the road and are confident performing the basic bike handling skills, you can move on to more advanced lessons such as:

  1. group riding etiquette
  2. moving in a pace-line
  3. cornering at speed and with others
  4. descending at speed
  5. braking in all weather conditions
  6. adjusting speed in a group
  7. tire change or basic bike maintenance


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Personal Coaching
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Private Group
Personal Coaching in Client's Home
Personal Coaching in Gym
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60 min.
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60 min.
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55 min.
$200 per month
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One of the easiest ways to get faster on the bike is improve your flexiblity. All it takes is a few minutes, a few days a week to make a huge difference.